Our Popular 4oz. MMA Gloves with a women flare, are hand-crafted to keep your hand and wrists fully protected during intense training and full competition. Our premium level gloves offer the perfect fit with a smaller women’s hand in mind, offering protection and ultimate comfort during a full training session. These ready for full use during a professional sanctioned fight. Whether you’re your training in full mixed martial arts or a full range grappling class, these gloves will allow for improved striking while keeping your wrists and hands secure and protected.

PRO SERIES Womens 4 oz MMA Training Gloves

SKU: 0113
  •     • Made with reinforced seams for durability.
        • Cross wrist double grip strap system for the ultimate support for striking and grappling.
        • 4 oz. regulation weight. Authorized by all boxing & MMA committees for use in all pro events.
        • Color: White/Purple
        • Weight: 4 oz.

  • •  ReActive™ Tech, top layer foam helps the glove absorb impact and protect the user.

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