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Kimurawear® is a Registered Trademark by Todays Heroes Inc. © 2006 to 2020 Kimurawear®   Copyright 2006-2020 Kimurawear® #IamAnAthlete©  All rights reserved


About Kimurawear

Kimurawear® is a proven leader in providing quality and innovative products throughout the martial arts industry. Founded in 2006, Kimurawear® began creating innovative training equipment for martial artists, fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike. By working countless hours with professional athletes, we were able refine our products and set new standards in the martial arts market place. Kimurawears® has solidified its reputation in the martial arts industry, by specializing in multiple disciplines such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA. Kimurawears® unique approach of forward thinking and innovation, entitles martial arts practitioners to find out what they are capable of achieving.

Our Mission

Kimurawear® is dedicated to consistently innovate the Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and all Mixed Martial Arts industries, by creating unique active lifestyle products that empower and inspire one to achieve a customers true potential.


At Kimurawear® we believe that being an athlete means to exhibit many different positive qualities, that can be attributed to different areas of your life. Being an athlete means that you exhibit confidence, focus, strength, and you participate in a healthy, active lifestyle at a competitive, club, recreational or personal level.


When you see Kimurawear® we want to inspire you to choose positivity, strength, focus and the push to achieve your goals. Being an athlete has no age limit, so whether you're 5 years old, 20 or 85, we want to hear why you're an athlete, and why you push yourself to be the best that you can be.  #IamAnAthlete

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