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Kimurawears OZUKU STRIKE Series Boxing Gloves is a part of our latest line of Boxing Gloves. These boxing gloves  been remodeled for optimized performance and has several added features that will take your training to the next level. These durable gloves have three levels of padding that synergistically aid in gloves ability to absorb impact. A reinforced carbon top adds additional protection to the user. A leather palm brings much added durability to the gloves and allows for intense training sessions. If your ready to take things up a notch then grab a pair of Kimurawear OZUKU STRIKE Series Boxing Gloves.

Ozuku Strike Boxing - Blue

  • • Hand crafted mould for the perfect fit.

    • Three levels of foam padding aid in the impact absorption of the glove

    • Leather palm aids in the gloves strenght and comfort.
    • A fully adjustable wrap-around wrist band with a hook-and-loop closure system ensures a reinforced wrist support.
    • Reinforced carbon top makes the glove extra durable.
    • Color: Blue
    • Weight: 16oz, 12oz.

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