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Kimurawear® Coaching Power Paddles, will Complete your set of trainers tools.  These Full Sized Power Paddles have been engineered to combine speed and accuracy during training  Perfect training tool for all levels and disciplines of Martial Arts and Boxing.  Our Kimurawear Power Paddles have been designed to withstand the toughest workouts from amateur to professionals.  Built with a PVC internal rod which prevents the paddle from bending and gives it complete reinforcement for long-lasting durability. We offer a padded, comfort grip handles, as well as a wrist loop strap to maintain control during speed training.  Our Power Paddles will give you punching performance during every round of training.

Coaching Power Paddles

SKU: 0771
    • Made of High Resistant, ReActive Foam.
    • PVC Internal Rod for added reinforcement and Strenght.
    • Soft Comfort Grip Handles, for the perfect Controlled Grip.
    • Compact Wrist Loop Strap, for added Control.
    • Color Black - Branded.
    • Measurements - Length 21" - Circumference 2.25"
    • SOLD as a Pair.
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