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2014-04-14 10:15:00

This dark, rainy spring weather is enough to make you want to curl up in bed and sleep until summer arrives. If you're in need of a boost of energy, here are a few tips to get you going!


Become conscious of the amount of water you are consuming in a day.  Water levels have a huge impact on your energy levels and can be enough to turn a dreary day into a fast paced, energy filled one. Carry a water bottle around with you to refill during the day and drink from it often. And remember constant drinking of liquids such as coconut water, herbal tea, flavored seltzer, and water are enough to keep you hydrated and alert. According to the Journal of Nutrition, even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, loss of focus, headache and depressed moods.


Regular meals are important when you are trying to keep your energy levels up.  People who skip meals often have blood sugar mood swings that result in fatigue. You should aim to eat at least three meals a day or 4-5 small meals spread throughout the day.

Cut back on Caffeine

Caffeine may give you that temporary kick to get your going for an hour or two but the fall after will take its toll on your body. Side affects of caffeine include anxiety, irritability, muscle tension, weakened immunity, fatigue and insomnia. Instead try herbal teas, or dandelion root coffee.


Iron is an important vitamin that you should be consuming every day. It is important for the production of energy from glucose, which is the main fuel for both the mind and the body.  Eat foods such as lean red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and whole grain carbs for your daily dose.


When energy levels begin to drop, get up and start moving! Head outside for a quick brisk walk to get your heart beating, and your mind going.  Exercising daily will leave you feeling healthier, and with a new found abundance of energy.


Protein is important when it comes to preventing major fluctuations in blood glucose levels after eating foods. Protein also blocks the action of serotonin that induces the feeling of calmness and fatigue. 

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Andrea Lupul

2014-04-15 08:33:08
Great article, after the winter we have had all energy is needed, keep up this great blogs.

Megan Murphy

2014-04-21 10:53:14
These are all tips that I can't push across to my clients enough! Honestly the amount of caffeine they drink and think it counts as a substitute for water is actually shocking. When each of these points (Hydration, eating right, exercising, protein, iron) are all put to use TOGETHER this is when you start to see results and push it to the next level! Keep up the amazing blogs guys, they are helping me to get my point across!


2014-05-15 10:23:55
4 kids, a full time job, exercising, book club and friends keep me on my feet for most of the day. I'm talking I'm running around except for the 5 hours a night that I take to sleep. These tips that you gave definitely help out and I'm taking the time to now eat properly, make sure I'm hydrated and exercise.

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