Craving It, Need It, Try It

2014-03-28 09:01:21

We all know that moment. You're sitting at your desk, working away and you're suddenly hit with an intense craving, whether its for something sweet, salty or fried. Instead of heading for the vending machine or closest corner store you do the healthy, grown up thing and pull out a stick of gum. For some of us chewing gum might work, but for others despite our best intentions the taste, smell and need for junk food remains in our minds.

Your body is smarter than you think when it comes to what it needs. These cravings are actually your body signalling that you are lacking in some areas when it comes to nutrients, calories or vitamins. These cravings can actually control your emotions, your behaviours and can lead to over eating and weight gain.

What do your cravings mean?


If you are craving sweet things this could be a signal that you are dehydrated. Before you reach for that last slice of cake try to sip some water. If you find that you are missing something emotionally the urge to consume sugar could be a coping mechanism. Incorporate fresh fruits and veggies to reduce these sweet cravings.


Craving salt signals that you may be missing the trace minerals found naturally in salt. Incorporate more pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax and dark chocolates into your diet. Studies show that women who eat low- calcium diets will crave more salty foods. One reason for this could be that sodium temporarily increases the calcium levels in your blood which tricks your body into thinking that the problem has been fixed.


Chocolate actually stimulates the release of serotonin in your body. It's actually an antidepressant that helps you seek happiness when you’re in the need of a quick lift.

Below is a list of the things that you crave, what you're missing and healthy options that you should eat.

If You Crave ThisYou Need ThisSo Try This
Chocolate Magnesium Raw nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit
Sweets Chromium Broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans, chicken
  Carbon Fresh Fruits
  Phosphorus Chicken, Beef, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, nuts
  Sulfur Cranberries, cruciferous veggie
  Tryptophan Cheese, raisins, sweet potatoes
Bread, toast, carbs Nitrogen High Protein foods: fish, meat, nuts
Oily snacks, fatty foods Calcium mustard, greens, broccoli, kale, cheese
Coffee or tea Phosphorus Chicken, Beef, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, nuts
  Sulfur Cranberries, cruciferous veggies
  Salt Sea salt, apple cider vinegar
  Iron Meat, Fish, seaweed, greens
Alcohol Protein Meat, seafood, dairy, nuts
  Avenin Granola, oatmeal
  Calcium Mustard, greens, broccoli, kale, cheese
  Glutamine Raw cabbage juice
Carbonated drinks Calcium Mustard, greens, broccoli, kale, cheese
Tobacco Silicon Nuts, seeds
  Tyrosine Vitamin C, green and red fruits 

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2014-03-31 08:35:45
I am a sweet tooth fiend. Honestly when I'm sitting at my desk during the day I'm constantly craving candy, pop, cupcakes, anything with sugar. I tried to substitute candy with gum but now I find my teeth are becoming very sensitive, probably from a sugar overload. This article is really helpful and opens my eyes to the fact that maybe I am denying my body to what it needs. Thanks!

Ali Mortman

2014-04-04 11:32:34
I am the queen of the midnight snack. It's almost like clockwork I wake up, and have to have chips, or pretzles or something else that contains salt. Thanks for the article, now I know what to reach for instead and am willing to give it a try!

Todd Lambert

2014-04-07 08:34:18
I honestly never really thought about why I had so many cravings or what I might be missing from my diet. I just assumed it was me being greedy and giving into my demons. It makes sense for your body to present a lack of minerals and nutrients, so it begins craving foods. I'm definitely listening a lot more now and hopefully the cravings will die out!

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