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2014-03-12 10:54:21

If you were to ask the majority of athletes if they would consider becoming vegetarian you would most likely be greeted with a misconception that a plant- based diet is unnatural and doesn't provide adequate protein.  However, there is now a greater population that is turning to towards vegetarianism and agree that it is a more natural, and healthy way to go.

I'm not saying that you should give up meat all together and become a vegetarian.  Instead people should look to support a well-rounded diet consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy meats.

Here are our top 5 plant based and the top 5 meats you should be eating for maximum protein intake.


  1. Lentils are the most climate friendly protein. They are choked full of benefits such as fiber, nutrients, iron, and folates.
  2. Beans contain high amounts of protein, as well as fiber. These can be direct substitutes in many meat meals
  3. Chia seeds are an easy way to add protein to your diet. They can be sprinkled over salads, stirred into yogurt or oatmeal and blended into smoothies. When wet they expand and can be used to make a rich creamy pudding.
  4. Nuts and seeds are a great alternative for protein as well as healthy snacks. Almonds, Pistachios, and sunflower seeds hold some of the highest levels in terms of seeds.
  5. Tofu is an excellent source of plant protein. Just ensure that the label doesn't say USDA Certified Organic or non- GMO, as there is a good chance that these were made from genetically- modified soybeans.


  1. If you're going to choose to eat red meat buffalo (bison) is the way to go.  Buffalo has far less fat than steak and is generally grass fed, which means healthier meat.
  2. It's a known fact that white meat is better for you than red.  Pastured chicken breast, without the skin, is low in fat and if baked without grease is a great option for protein. There are endless options of how to cook and serve chicken.
  3. Fish can but just as satisfying as any other meat.  It is packed with omega- 3 fatty acids which help to decrease the risk of heart disease.  If you find that you are consuming too much fish on a regular basis and are concerned with the risk of mercury consider eating smaller fish, which will contain less traces than larger.
  4. Lean ground turkey is another great option when you are making chili or need a substitute to ground beef.  Just ensure that the percent of leanness is specified as lower quality ground turkey does not include this information. 

Eggs are an excellent choice of inexpensive protein and various nutrients.  Eggs do contain a fair amount of cholesterol, but studies have shown that it's saturated fat, not dietary cholesterol that affects peoples levels.

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Kayla Lawyer

2014-03-20 09:25:18
I'm a new vegetarian, but I have tons of friends who have been veggies for a while now. I used to make fun of them because I believed that there was no way for them to get enough protein without eating meat. Since taking on this new diet, I've got to say there are so many ways to get your protein! It does take a bit of planning, but at the end of the day I'm happy with it. Thanks for the blog!

Andy Warhall

2014-03-31 08:44:42
Protein, protein, protein! As a fitness instructor I'm constantly harping on my clients about their protein intake. Most of them aren't eating properly and then blame the frequency that they attend the gym instead of the fact that most of weight loss occurs in the kitchen! Keep up the great nutrition based blogs.

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