2014-04-30 13:35:24

Joseph Valtellini has signed an exclusive endorsement deal with Canada’s top martial arts and fitness equipment brand Kimurawear. The number 2 ranked welterweight for Glory kickboxing will become the face of Kimurawear’s combat sports line.

“We are extremely excited to add Joe to the Kimurawear family, and we look forward to having him representing our Brand in and out of the ring.”  says Kimurawear president Jeff Lopes.

This deal will be in effect for Bazooka Joe’s next fight which will be taking place in Los Angeles on June 21st at Glory 17. Joe will be fighting live on Spike Tv and with a win should secure his spot for a shot at the welterweight title later on this year.

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Steve Knuckles

2014-05-01 09:53:55
This is so cool! I'm a huge fan of Glory Kickboxing and have been following Bazooka Joes progress as he fights and moves up in the world. Congrats to Kimurawear, it'll be great to see where this takes you!

Marcus Tomas

2014-05-01 09:58:27
Too cool! I've been kickboxing for 30 years now and eat, sleep and breath competition. Signing Joseph Valtellini is a great move, he has a good thing going on. He's going to go far and represent your brand in a really positive way.

Jessie Anberson

2014-05-03 19:30:38
This is great, I have been following Glory World Series very steady lately and have become a massive fan, Now add I ONLY used Kimurawear for the last 4 years and I proudly support this Canadian Brand. So excited they signed Bazooka Joe, I love his style, fast hands and great low kicks, this will be a perfect married, congrats to both parties.

Steph Monroe

2014-05-12 09:28:26
No. Way. I'm a HUGE fan of Bazooka Joe, and Glory Kickboxing. Honestly I'm looking forward to his fights and seeing how Kimurawear deals with having such an awesome representative!

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