Family Day

2014-03-10 08:58:15

Families. We often think of families as those people born into your lineage, those who share the same last name, or household, but is that really what a family is? I believe that family truly is what you make it. Sure it could be the group that we are born into, but it's also the close friends who will always defend you, the people who listen, love and support you. It's those people who you can fight with for hours but still know at the end of the day they would travel great distances to defend you in your time of need.

This year Family Day falls on February 17th and is a great time to reconnect with loved ones, have adventures and create memories. Too often, as adults, we become absorbed in our own personal lives and the difficulties that come with this. Lack of time, financial issues, planning for the future, working 8, 9, 10-hour days. It all becomes too much and as a result our families, our loved ones are the ones who tend to suffer.

This family day why not take a break from the stress and spend your time trying a new activity.

25 fun Family Day activity ideas

  • Ontario Family Day at the Toronto Zoo
  • Free outdoor skating at Toronto's City Hall
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather
  • Snow shoeing
  • Visit a fire station
  • Cheer on your country while enjoying the Olympics
  • Volunteer
  • Do a scavenger hunt within your city
  • Winter camping
  • Visit a conservation park
  • Family cookout
  • Try a new sport
  • Snowball fight
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Eat an icicle
  • Game night
  • Charades
  • Start your spring cleaning early
  • Bake yummy treats
  • Donate to charity
  • Winter game of man hunt
  • Family competition day (Olympic style)
  • Crank up the music and have a dance party
  • Winter hide and seek

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