Heavy Bag Conditioning Workout - “Burpees & Strikes”

2014-06-16 10:21:47
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Perform burpees followed by a strike (punches or kicks) for 3-minute rounds. Rest for 90 seconds and repeat for 3-5 rounds

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Funk Roberts

Who is Marc “Funk” Roberts

Funk Roberts is President and Owner of Funk Roberts Fitness and FunkMMA.com. He is a former Professional Beach Volleyball player turned MMA Conditioning Coach and online fat loss expert that helps thousands of combat fighters, trainers and coaches improve their performance through strength and conditioning.

He has over 30 years training experience and has even stepped in the Muay Thai ring in Thailand for a fight. Funk has helped fighters in most of the major MMA and Combat promotions including UFC, Bellator, Glory, K1, ADCC, Grapplers Quest among other and currently reaches over 150,000 combat athletes on a weekly basis through his website and social media.

You can connect with Funk through his http://www.funkmma.com blog which has over 100 workout and nutrition videos and training advice all targeted to MMA, martial arts and combat athletes around the world.

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Funk Roberts

1 Comment

Carolyn Sherway

2014-06-18 10:35:40
I honestly DESPISE Burpees, but they have done my body good. I do them during most of my workouts, and have gotten so much better at them than when I first started. I am going to try to incorporate this type of work out (Burpees, and striking) next time I"m at the kickboxing gym.

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