MMA - Vanja Vojvodic

2014-05-12 06:47:53

“more the knowledge, lesser the ego. More the ego, lesser the knowledge.” Too often individuals misidentify self-confidence for egotistical behavior and vice versa. Self-confidence is backed with knowledge, proper reasoning and experience. While on the other hand egotistical behavior is backed with well...stubbornness and sometimes ignorance. Athlete, businessperson, student etc we all fall victim to this behavior because we are only human. When first entering a gym/dojo it is very...

2014-04-17 07:04:10

Glutamine is one of 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. It is essential amino acids in certain stressful situations that our bodies & mind endure such as athletic training. Glutamine is critical for body muscle regeneration it does this by maintaining tissue repair, cell volumizing & cells health. Glutamine is also useful in retaining nitrogen in the body. It can be found in high concentrations in the brain, muscles, gut lining, lungs, heart, kidneys, & liver....

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    If you're anything like me, you're driven by passion, determination and goals.  I know what I want, I've made picture boards, lists and plans of how to accomplish my tasks, but when it comes down to actually doing these things I'm guilty of not being able to move forward. The crippling effects...
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